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1. Egg of a big migrating bird.
2. In games; a zero, indicates that no points have been scored. Also called 'duck egg'.
"Wow, look at that goose egg! It's so pretty!"
"And so no points have been scored yet, a goose egg.."
от 1337jesus 24 септември 2003
1337 for whore.
"fux0ring h0r!!!1111"
"Damn, I'm such a h0r."
от 1337jesus 21 септември 2003
Typo for 'Home Alone'.
"lolz I dunno maybe that kid from home slone"
"I'll be home slone tonight, so if you wanna come over.."
от 1337jesus 24 септември 2003
Another word for "lol". But cooler.
"Lolz!!! That was so funny!"
"Man, that chick's ugly! Lolz!!"
от 1337jesus 24 септември 2003
Typo for dunno.
"I dunny what to do!"
"I dunny what you're talking about, mister!"
от 1337jesus 24 септември 2003
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