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Located in North Carolina; home of the Cougars, the Cougar Crazies, & Bojangles. The high school hosts mostly rednecks,jocks, stoners, & hot cheerleaders but with some miscellaneous bmw/mercedes drivers because of it's close border with Cary. The guys are mostly jerks with the ultimate goal of trying to sleep with every hot girl (with the exception of a few actually chill guys) and the girls know how to have fun and party hard. This is not to be TOO confused with freak. Also, it's the "Peak of Good Living."
Apex has too many field parties.

Only Apex can reach The Peak.
от Bazzle 06 март 2005
Created by a Cary student; Term used to describe the feeling of being extremely stoned, beyond belief.
Ryan got bouldered before he went to math.
от Bazzle 06 март 2005
Created in February 2005 in Apex, a slang version of "ridiculous." Used to show 1. satisfaction, 2. surprise, 3. craze, 4. disappointment...etc.
1. That lap dance was ri-dick.
2. Oh my God! That's ri-dick!
3. Hold me back because I'm gonna go ri-dick on his ass.
4. This grade is fucking ri-dick.
от Bazzle 06 март 2005
While most see this as actually hunting fox, that is indeed not the case. Fox hunting is most commonly done by male humans, with the exception of lesbians. It is when they scope out a member of the female human species.
Two young men in conversation-Jim: "Let's go fox huntin down at the beach."

Derek: "Hell yeah man! I need to find me a hot bitch."
от Bazzle 09 март 2005
1. female breasts that are the shit
2. spectacular boobs
Karissa and Sinead have amazing kagongas.

Jenna Jameson likes to play with her kagongas.
от Bazzle 06 март 2005
When a guy & a girl are usually in the talking or dating stage of a relationship and the guy tries to kiss her, but it sucks. She doesn't want to be mean because she didn't like the kiss, so she tells him that they should just be friends.

OR: The guy or girl really likes the other, but they know that the other is a freak with lots of people.

Syn: sluts, man slut
At a party, Girl sees Guy with Chick on his lap. Guy comes up to Girl after Chick licks his face.
Guy (to Girl):"Hey, let's go get a drink & then sit on the couch."
Girl: "Hey, let's be friends."

от Bazzle 06 март 2005
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