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Burberry is a brand of clothing, usually worn by chavs. Burberry uses the tartan look. Burberry started out in the mid 1850s as designer wear for the upper class but in the present age it is not worn by chavs which is meerly middle class. Burberry has a big hate for chavs and trys not to sell their products to them. Burberry you see on chavs is normally counterfeited and Burberry is a hard working company, but fucking chavs spoilt it! Fucking dickheads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look at me, i am a wanker and i wear Burberrins...
But i can't afford to wear Burberry
#chavs #dicks #twats #elizabeth duck #mother fuckers #dickhead
от Dominic Hunt 03 януари 2006
Symphönic Arch is a Metal band from Manchester. Other Genres of the band are Rock, Gothic Rock and Heavy Metal.
Band members include Dominic Hunt, Tom Robinson, James Fielder, Ashley Bennet. The band have performed alot of times in venues around Britain and will be planning to do a tour of Europe. The band have released albums like Love Is Only A Key To Death and Metal For A Living.
Wow Symphönic Arch was one of the best bands i have seen!
#metal music #gothic music #gothic #music #instruments
от Dominic Hunt 02 януари 2006
Manchester is a city in the North West of England. The place is named from the old British name Mamucium plus ceaster, derived from the old Latin ‘Castra’. Manchester is a metropolitan borough with city status. The city has a population of 437,000 and is situated in the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester which has a population of 2,539,000.1 It is one of England’s core cities and is regarded by some as England’s second city, a title also claimed by Birmingham.2

The name ‘Manchester’ is often used to refer to the entire metropolis, much as ‘London’ is usually used to mean Greater London, but many of the constituent parts of this conurbation are substantial and separate towns (a city in the case of Salford) that retain strong identities. People from Manchester are called Mancunians. Manchester is an interesting place with a very rich history.

Mancunians are real people, not scallys. MAnchester is great!
#city #town #punk #urbis #great
от Dominic Hunt 02 януари 2006
the best ever military programme ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
little bratain is good do you like it err yeah but no
от dominic hunt 16 януари 2005
a really fit adult that has been in alot of films and she is soooooooooooooooooo fucking sexy
i want to cum all over her
от dominic hunt 16 януари 2005
a shit operating sytem which is sooooooooooooo easy to control it is for wimps who think they're it anyway only use windows thats even more easier!
thats linux is sooooooo fucking easy to operate! wankers use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
от dominic hunt 16 януари 2005
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