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6 definitions by J Diddy

The term "ass load" can be found in the Old Testament of the Bible. God tells Noah to bring an ass's load of grain for each pair of animal brought upon the arc. Thus an ass load is derived from the amount of weight that can be held carried by a mature, healthy donkey (ass).

The term is used again in the New Testament when Jesus shares the parable of Rosie O'Donnell's booty, it is cursed to weigh over 7 ass loads because she is an annoying, fat, and ugly bitch.
Your mom's jugs must weigh more than 2 ass loads.
от J Diddy 16 януари 2004
122 32
The taking of ones penis and slapping it against the cheek of their partner's ass immediately following anal sex.
After I pulled out I gave her the chilli whip to remind her who was in charge.
от j diddy 22 септември 2003
30 14
a man/woman who keeps massive amounts of semen inside her belly.
See that chick over there? She's such a jizz gutter.
от J Diddy 01 март 2005
5 3
Lesbian who gives hobos BJ.
She a Fizket.
от J Diddy 20 март 2004
1 3
craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabes h-town 4 life
man that crabes is crazy
от j diddy 23 септември 2004
8 16
To try to suck your own dick.
He tried to hangle himself.
от J Diddy 20 март 2004
11 21