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For the month of February any/all men shall grow out any and all facial hair they can grow. Rules are

1. You can either shave or not shave on January 31st to start the celebration

2. no shaving the entire month

3. If you can grow a full beard, you MUST grow a full beard.

So all men embrace his new tradition that makes us all feel manly.

It is also a pre game that you can lead into March Mustache Madness with.
Brooke: James your beard is disgusting

James: I dont care its Fuzzy February

James: Dude i love fuzzy February!! 28 days of no shaving!!

Nic: If only i could grow a good beard like you!!

James: Man it feels good
от James Meyerhoff 02 февруари 2009
A name for a person of half mexican and half white descent.
James: Yo Senor Sullivan your a cracker with beans just like me!

Senor Sullivan: Go to the office and write me a paper of what a cracker with beans is

James: shit..
от James Meyerhoff 27 януари 2009
When you order at McDonald's or any fast food place and you are ask for no pickles and in the middle of eating your burger there it is. the pickle/pickles you didn't order.
I was enjoying my burger till i came in contact with the phantom pickle...
от James Meyerhoff 15 април 2009
A Very cold pointy hill in the snow
Hey lets go out to the witches teat and drink beer!!
от James Meyerhoff 28 април 2008
While playing the sport of water polo you shoot the ball over the goalies head while he brings his arms up and makes an 0 shape. The ball goes over his head and through his arms and it looks like a donut. Probably one of the most embarrassing shots to be scored on a goalie. Also called a nut, and if you are the one shooting the ball you can say "I nutted the goalie" Only thing worse then that is when the goalie somehow accidentally puts the ball in the goal himself.
Jeffery: The only way to score on bird is shoot for a donut

Beau: I just nutted the shit outta the Beverly Hills Goalie

James: Did you see my donut backhand on Temple City?
от James Meyerhoff 13 април 2009
Something you say to your someone when they tell you something that could be interesting but you feel like being a sarcastic dick. Make sure you let that cool really ring out like this: cooooooooool. ussually followed up by a quick comment about something better you have done.
James: Matt i got my license!!

Matt: Cool dude i got mine three fucking years ago.

James: You're a dick

Matt: Atleast i've had my license for three years
от James Meyerhoff 22 януари 2009
When you hook up with someone just to have a little fun, nothing serious. Sometimes used in a bad way from the person who was hoping it was more then just a hook up. Used in the Who movie quadrophenia so my guess its of British origin
Good Way
Nic: Hey so whats up with you and Colette?

James: Ah nothin just having a little giggle

Bad way
Colette: Wtf? I liked you!! What am i to you? some giggle?!?!?!

James: Uhhhhh yeah
от James Meyerhoff 22 януари 2009
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