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115 definitions by K

A modern-day word substitute. Can be couched in ordinary conversation or used to throw off the masses.
e.g. Who's that hoago in the woods?
e.g. She ain't nothin' but a hoago.
e.g. Damn, I need some hoago.
e.g. Man, that shit's hoago.
от k 10 януари 2004
a person who is being really annoying, usually by being increadibly stupid or ditzy. May often say the wrong thing at the wost posible time.
"hey parmalode, SHUT UP!"
'stop it you parmalode"
"hey, stop being such a parmalode"
от K 03 юли 2004
Term used by George Bush when describing the action of addressing the public.
Hey Tony, get your face out of my arse and listen to some of the stuff I was speeching to the public today.
от K 18 май 2004
A cross between a monster and a cunt
See that Lucy McRoberts? She's a munter.
от K 17 март 2004
When a batty, batty boy takes a bakers dozen worth of schwans across his lips until climax without spitting or swallowing and finally leans his head back and gurgles that goo like it's mouthwash.
After the last schwan left his mouth batty Ritt showed off for the bat's by becoming a goo gurgler for five minutes straight.
от K 16 декември 2003
he's funny, sweet, fun and mysertious..one of the people id most like to know better
от k 09 октомври 2003
literally means "dirty girls" but is also refered to a tight group of girls.
#1 that girl over there is a suicia
#2 me and mah girls will foreva be tight as hell. Suicias 4 life
от K 22 януари 2005