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While images abound of evil black knights rampaging the countryside, these tales are far from the truth. A black knight is a knight not sponsored or employed by a local lord for the defense of his lands. Therefore, the black knight does not have at his disposal the resources needed to keep his armor polished and in good repair. To save face, these knights painted their armor black, to hide any wear and tear that the armor may have endured.
The black knight knelt before the Duke, hoping to end his long bout of unemployment.
от KingPhoenix 21 февруари 2005
An all-inclusive term to describe the maligned, often-misunderstood group of people that regularly engage in video, computer, or tabletop games.

Though the percentage of people who participate in such activities has increased in recent years, a certain stigma still surrounds those elite few who can call themselves "true gamers". These are the people you see getting together for a rousing session of Dungeons & Dragons once a week, or who you will regularly see planted in front of a TV or computer monitor, immersed in the bliss of gamedom.

This is not to say gamers are the bespectacled hermits that the stereotype has long been. We are everywhere, in many shapes and forms. We live and breathe the likes of Halo, Warcraft, Unreal Tournament, Mage: The Ascension, and more. And the gamer is here to stay.
I like Halo 2, but that Paul is a real gamer. He skipped class and beat it in two days!

Participants in the tabletop roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons inherently deserve the title of "gamer".
от KingPhoenix 01 март 2005
A polearm resembling a long-handled axe, the halberd also features a spike sprouting from the end of the haft that can be used as a spear, and a hook opposite the axe-head that was used to pull mounted knights from their horses.
The King's guards crossed their halberds across the door to the throne room, denying the messenger entry.
от KingPhoenix 20 февруари 2005
A Hero character of the Undead Scrouge in Blizzard Entertainment's real-time strategy computer game, Warcraft III.

These fallen heroes of humanity wield their necromantic powers in an effort to purge the land of those who would stand between their dark master, the Lich King Ner'zhul, and world domination.
The Death Knight's Death Coil, Death Pact, Unholy Aura, and Animate Dead abilities parallel those of the Human Paladin in many ways.
от KingPhoenix 21 февруари 2005
A general term used to describe midweight metallic armors worn by fighting men up until the Renaissance. Mail armors consist of small, overlapping pieces of metal but lack large, solid plates found in heavier armors.
Chainmail: armor made of interlocking metal rings.
Scale mail: medium armor made of small, overlapping metal plates, resembling the scales of a fish.
от KingPhoenix 20 февруари 2005
A word used to describe melee attacks in the popular First-Person Shooter "Halo 2". It can also be used as a game setting in said shooter, where players have no energy shields and are equipped only with Plasma Pistols. This forces players to rely purely on melee attacks and grenades to defeat opponents.
Adam: Agh! You hit me from behind with your stupid shotgun!
Paul: Smashy smashy!!
от KingPhoenix 23 май 2005
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