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A place where one wastes the prime of his youth studying ridiculously long, hard, tedious, dry, and unbelievably boring subjects, which he will totally forget about after the exams. Most likely going suicidal and severely depressed in the process, the stress will eat his life span like fire through wood, his hair starts to fall quite early, said subject's diet consists of energy drinks and caffeine.

Not only is one expected to be an academic genius, and a a God-like clinician, society demands that you become a social angel, smiling at everything and everyone, treating everyone like a king/queen, excellent with small talk, ..etc. Basically you have to be the enslaved incarnation of Mother Teresa.

If you manage to pull it off, you will then discover a fact that will shake the boundaries of your life, and either drive you mad, or causes the return of the suicidal thoughts ... The fact that Medicine is the absolute most inaccurate science on the face of the earth, and I mean light years more inaccurate than chaos math; each case presentation will make the text book seem like a fairytale book.

Come specializing, you will find that every chapter you've studied is in actuality a 3,000+ paged book. But that's another story.
My GSCE grades would've gotten me into any school I wanted, overwhelmed by the possibilities, I asked my so very proud parents for guidance, so Medical School it was. I wasted my youth, I am not happy, I cut myself, I've been suicidal, I have no friends, I haven't experienced anything in life beside studying and having an exam, my blood pressure has become steadily elevated, I'm severely out of shape, and my previously proud parents are now disappointed because I'm not doing well in school and that 'I'm no longer the son they used to know'.
от Kissmyasthma99 09 май 2010
Non-Operating Fuck. Used in the United States Marine Corps by Motor T drivers to describe non-motor t Marines or boots attempting to drive vehicles they have no business driving.
Infantry Marine: "Hey I got the humvee stuck in a ditch again. I don't know what happened it just went off the road."
Motor T Marine: "You fucking NOF."
от KissMyAsthma99 23 юли 2015
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