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11 definitions by Llama

An attractive musician, usually put in the "industrial metal" catagory.
Trent Reznor is amazing.
от llama 02 юли 2003
297 144
The hottest and best guitarist/vocalist of all time
chad rox and is totally hot
от Llama 13 април 2005
48 30
Yogota is a holy person, living in among Jehova's Wittnesses. He likes Rabbits and Rabbis.
Yogota, you are cool.
от llama 23 юли 2003
16 5
Just a funny way of saying South Carolina. Occasionally used in all seriousness by the uneducated.
Where are you from?

от Llama 16 февруари 2005
8 1
Slang for "before," basically the same with the "r" remaining unpronounced
Step off befoe I cut you!
от Llama 28 септември 2004
8 3
some ghey guy in Operation Mayhem
STFU gheytor
от llama 28 май 2004
7 5
Anyone who descends from a Spanish or formerly Spanish colony (with the exception of the Southwest US) or Spain. "Hispanic" is simply an ethnicity, NOT a race. Hispanics are mostly mestizo (of white and Amerindian descent) in most Spanish-speaking countries, with the exception of Spain and Argentina (whose populations are mostly white.) Spain's people are mixed Mediterranean and Nordic/Aryan.
Hispanics in the SW US are mostly bilingual, but futher north, they just speak English.
от llama 25 ноември 2003
231 230