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A word properly used to describe women with a waist to hip ratio of about 70%. That is to say, their waist should be about 70% as wide as their hips. This word has been misappropriated as a euphemism for fat women. Their fat covers the difference between their waist and their hips so they have a ratio of 100%. Since women generally have wide hips it's the relative narrowness of the waist that produces the appearance of curves. Therefore, fat women are actually less curvy than skinny women.
Alice: "Don't you want a curvy woman?"
Bob: "Actually your prodigious girth renders your curves invisible. I'm into curvy women like Carol"
Alice: "Carol isn't curvy, she's skinny"
Bob: "Alice, you've created a false dichotomy, Carol is curvy AND skinny".
от Luke B 16 януари 2014
The best kind of screen! They’re the normal looking ones, i.e. the tube. CRT stands for cathode ray tube. In a CRT three electron guns (one for red, one for green and one for blue) shoot narrow electron beams (electrons are what electricity is made of) through a tube with no air in it to the screen which is coated with phosphor, a substance which glows when electrons hit it. Magnets near the back of the tube bend the beams and make it scan across the screen like reading a book while the beams are made stronger or weaker (or turned off completely) to make different parts of the screen dark or light or different colors.

LCDs have poor color accuracy and contrast and plasma TVs get severe burn-in (meaning the screen can be ruined by static images commonly found in video games or even a TV channel's logo at the corner of the screen). CRT is the only kind screen which actually let’s you change the resolution (not just upscaling or downscaling which makes the picture look soft). Graphics professionals still use CRT monitors because they have the best picture quality. High definition CRT TVs always have the full 1080 lines and can change their resolution for viewing standard definition TV shows (without upscaling). Most so called high definition LCD TVs only have 768 lines but no TV stations broadcast in 768 lines (only 480, 576, 720, or 1080 lines) so the image will always be rescaled. So what if LCDs are thinner. Unless they live in a trailer, people only get LCDs because they think they look cool.
Why pay twice as much for an LCD when it’s only half as good as a CRT.
от Luke B 18 юли 2007
Someone who criticizes Nike for their labour practices and then buys an iPhone.
Alice: I refuse to buy Nike shoes, they're overpriced and they use child labour.

Bob: Alice you hipstercrite, you have an iPhone which is also overpriced and made by child labour.
от Luke B 29 май 2013
A sandwich spread made from tractor grease that tastes so foul, only Australians are tough enough to eat it.
Pass the Vegemite Bazzer, I ran out of grease for my tractor.
от Luke B 24 февруари 2013
When you're watching an old movie and it makes references to an even earlier time. Future viewers may feel the same way about some of our movies.
Bob and Alice watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit;
Alice: This movie was made in the 80s but it has the look of the 40s.
Bob: That's metanostalgia. In the 80s people could still remember the 40s so they felt nostalgic for it.
от Luke B 20 август 2013
A deliberative assembly made up of members who use parliamentary procedure to make decisions. First used in the Holy Roman Empire in the 8th century and still used in some countries today, such as Japan.
Diet of Japan enacts controversial state secrets bill.
от Luke B 19 февруари 2014
Current definition: A polite man.
Original definition: A man who doesn't work for a living, polite to his peers only because he has to be.
Lord Fopington was a gentleman in the original sense of the word. His days were spent fox hunting, abusing his servants and inbreeding.
от Luke B 24 февруари 2013
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