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769 definitions by ME

a fruitcake
see fag
Hesperia High School is loaded with "fribbles"
от me 21 март 2004
10 224
duh u tards^^^. its laugh out loud online. its dumb but holy crap u ppl are dumb, w00t !
me:i killed ur mom
nerd loser:lolol
от me 22 март 2005
33 272
clothing line designed by billy martin.....<3<3 i love him
wow, that level 27 shirt you are wearing is really cool. Didn't billy martin design that? hes soooo talented!
от me 27 май 2003
43 286
xxx Big Black Women xxx
tracy morgan loves star jones
от me 11 януари 2005
52 364
Really suckey musician who says he is the best, but really needs the most work. Bassists need not play because of their unability to be heard.
Can anyone hear the bassist?
от Me 14 февруари 2005
13 409
A country/folk/rock legend. Known for his brilliant lyrics and songwriting. A man who can rock hard and then make you cry with his beautiful folk rock melodies and harmonica playing.

Also known as the god father of grunge music.
Neil Young is tha man I says - everybody
от me 23 декември 2004
396 950