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Gilly Hicks is an Abercrombie spin-off brand. Gilly Hicks is much like AE's Aerie, it sells underwear. Gilly Hicks, like many Abercrombie brands, has a certain theme.
Gilly Hicks's fictional story claims that the British family Hicks moved to Sydney, Austrailia, where the daughter, Gilly, opened an underwear shop.
The first Gilly Hicks was opened in January 21, 2008 in the Natick Collection.
I went to Gilly Hicks in the Natick Collection, the best mall ever. <3
от Miyako-chan 12 септември 2008
Best city ever. We pronounce our "r's" like everyone else and Boston is steeped in culture. Pretty much best city in Massachusetts :D Home to great colleges (Harvard, MIT) and some great hospitals :) We also have BLS... first highschool in America!!!
Boston is a great place to live.
от Miyako-chan 12 септември 2008
RUEHL No. 925 is an Abercrombie brand aimed at young adults. The brand's story claims that the Ruehl family from Germany immigrated to America and started a clothing company. The "no. 925" is supposedly the apartment number of the original store in the the original Greenwich.
The brand has tried to make an atmosphere unlike other Abercrombie brands; the stores are a combination of modern atr and old classics; stores sell copies of antique books and feature paintings. The atmosphere is modeled after Greenwich, New York.
The animal logo is a French Bulldog, Trubble who was adopted into the Ruehl home (according to the fictional background)
Ruehl tries to introduce more sophisticated clothing and scheme.
Ruehl opened its doors in September of 2004
I went shopping at Ruehl the other day and purchased a pair of jeans.
от Miyako-chan 11 септември 2008
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