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(v.) The act of feeling sorry for yourself for no particular reason, save for the fact you have nothing to keep your mind off your past.
Yeah I was down at the coffee house, 'woe-is-me'ing with my friends.
от Mizike 19 юни 2003
A badass drinking game in which you all sit in a circle and turn your head and say vroom. So for example: 1 person starts it and turns his or her head to the left and says vroom, the person on his or her left now had to turn their head to the left and say vroom to the next person, and it goes on like that, “passing” the vroom. You continue saying vroom and turning your head to the next person until one person says skirt. When someone says skirt the direction of the vroom reverses. But when a person says skirt they have to look at the person who just said vroom to them. Meaning if a vroom comes from the right, and you say skirt, you face the person to your right that just said vroom to you. Now at any time, if a person messes up they have to drink (the amount doesn’t matter). The rules are you cannot vroom a vroom and you cannot skirt a skirt. So if a person vrooms it to me, then I turn my head to them and say vroom, I just vroomed a vroom, so then you drink. Another way to loose is when someone skirts you and you turn your head to them and say skirt, you turned your head the correct way, but you cannot skirt a skirt. If someone skirts you, you have to vroom. You can vroom the person that just skirted you, or you can turn your head and just let it go. The last very common way to loose is to just fuck up the words, someone says vroom to you and you turn your head and say skirt. The beauty of this game is the drunker you get the worse you get.
Dude, Jeremy and I just got so fucked up playing vroom last night, and then Jeremy gave Natalie some surprise sex!!

Vroom, vroom, vroom, skirt, vroom, vroom, vroom, skirt, fuck! (very common to hear during the game)

Last night after we played vroom, I shut the other team out in beerpong, we got 2 bounces in a row, into the same cup, pwned.
от Mizike 15 май 2005
An extreme pwn.
Two people have to declare it, one says “dot dot dot,” and then the next says, “pwned”
~Monarch Volleyball comes back from a 14-21 deficit to win it all~
Mike: Dot dot dot

Mike: Jack, I heard Jeremy was taking your sister to prom?
Jack: WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!
Mike: Dot dot dot
Russell: PWNED!!

~n00b shots MK2K in back~
n00b: hahhaha I k113d U !!!111!one!!won!!11!
~while n00b is typeing, MK2K proceeds to sneak up behind n00b and slit his thought~
n00b: 7YP3 KI113R TYP3R KILLER, 7HI5 IS G4Y!!!!one!!11!
~n00b leaves game~
MK2K: Dot dot dot
Jester35: pwned
от Mizike 22 май 2005
A verb used to talk about when someone gets beat down badly.
Jeremy totally wrecked the vampires shit yesterday. Honestly, who bites??

I got my shit wrecked in battlefield when I tried to drive up the beach in that jeep.

I just wrecked that kids shit in beer pong, I shut him out and made 2 bouncers in a row.

Jack is going to wreck our shit when he finds out we got his little sister drunk and gave her a little surprise sex.
от Mizike 15 май 2005
1 (v.) The act of giggling in such a manner as to be confused with a school-girl.
There goes Homer higgling away at the dining philosophers.
от Mizike 19 юни 2003
1. (v.) The act of ejaculating in such a manner as to create an effect much akin to that of milk crowning upon impact.
2. (n.) The sticky result resulting from defintion 1.
Bukake hits you like a splash of love.

I almost slipped on Johnson's splash over there.
от Mizike 19 юни 2003
Beautiful women by appearance only.
The best thing about living in a college town is all the jager.
от Mizike 04 юли 2003
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