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Someone who thinks it is constructive to make you feel worse when you're already feeling bad, because in their minds, they're the only one that matters.
Person A: "Why do you make me feel bad for feeling bad?"
Person B: "I don't know and I don't care"
Person B is a narcissist
от MrsMinx 19 януари 2005
Energy in motion. The physical sensation that occurs directly below the diaphram, from the electrical signal that is transferred through the body, originating in the limbic system (amydgdala), caused by any number of stimulus, pertaining contingently to the individual person's circumstances.
When your "heart" feels heavy or light for a reason not directly associated with the cardiovascular system, but usually caused by another living being. (i.e. person, pet, etc.)
от MrsMinx 25 януари 2005
Do you ever think about how crazy the world would be if your genitals were under your arms, instead of between your legs? Would long sleeved shirts be the new pants? Would short sleeved shirts be the new shorts? I often wonder what the genital configuration of beings in other galaxies might be. What if their genitals were located in their hands? Would gloves then be the new pants? How about if their genetals were located in their foreheads? Would hats then be the new pants? Would it be a requirement to wear a hat in a public place?
Also, why do we have two of everything? What's the deal with two? Two eyes, nostrils, lips, upper and lower teeth, arms, legs, etc. Weird. But we only have one brain (with 2 halves), heart, stomach, liver, penis, vagina. Did you know that the female human body has 10 holes in it? 2 eyes, 2 nostrils, one mouth, 2 ears, one urethra, one vagina, and one anus. But the male body only has 9 holes, because the penis functions as the urethra and reproductive organ in one. I think about this sort of thing all the time. And I often wonder if there is a more efficient configuration for a living organism.
Did you know that if you chop a starfish in two, it regenerates itself and reproduces into two distinct starfish. I wonder if there is a limit to the number it would regenerate, if it was chopped into smaller sections? Now, that's what I call efficient.
Think outside the box!
No shirt, no shoes, no service!
"Hey, what about pants?"
от MrsMinx 27 януари 2005
An adorable baby animal that you want to snuggle.
My Brewster is such a snoofer.
от MrsMinx 25 януари 2005
Simply, the engergy that you feel within you and around you when you find yourself at peace. The energy that holds the protons, neutrons and electrons in consistant orbit. The energy that keeps the earth in orbit. Also called gravity or magnetism. God is not a person, place or thing. God is pure simplicity. God is so uncomplicated that there are people that make God complicated just so they can grasp the concept. God has nothing to so with organized religion. God is the sound you hear when you listen to your own breathing. God is the energy in yourself that you feel for the first person you think of when you have a power outage. God is the energy within you that you feel towards the person (people) you list as your beneficiary. The intricacy of a snowflake, flower or even your own iris. Or perhaps the pleasance of an unexpected smile. The candle in the window that you know is lit for you. When you feel safe, you are feeling God. No judgments. No fear. No persecution. Unconditional appreciation for your individual life force, no matter how insignificant you think it may be. Everyone defines the word "love" differently, so that is why I have refrained from using that word in this definition.
The movie called "What the *!&# Do We Know?" explains the definition of God better than I ever could.
от MrsMinx 19 януари 2005
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