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The emotion you feel after you have just been happy slapped by some chav whilst on tube/bus. Often followed by the thoughts 'Where the fuck is my fucking dagger'.
Chav1: Hahaha i got im

Chav2: Yes mate....

Average nice guy: Fucking Barsteds

Chav3: Yes mate....

Average nice guy: I'm feeling rather Vexed with your thoughtless cruel acts upon me and the rest of the public. You should be ashamed.

Chav2: init mate

Average nice guy: Where the fuck is my fucking dagger?

Chav1: Your a faggot mate

Average nice guy: oh, here it is!! *STAB* *Chavs die*
от Muckle Flugga 21 юни 2006
Ashtead. Quite Possibly the greatest large village/commuter town/London surburb in the United Kingdon. Ashtead has population of 13,494 and boasts three pubs, a duck pond and a recently opened Tesco Express. Oh, and Joe Strummer went to school in Ashtead. Cool or what? To get there its Junction 9 on the M25. Please drive carefully thorugh our village.
6 year old child: Mum, can we go to Ashtead instead of Disneyland for our summer holidays this year?

Mum: Oh, alright then but only as a treat.

Dad: Darling have you paid the car insurance? We are driving thorugh Ashtead.
от Muckle Flugga 22 октомври 2006
This is the repeating of Borat quotes until they are not funny anymore. OK I admit the film was pricelessly funny but honestly yeah....do you really need to repeat the whole film?
Borat inpersonator: Every Englishman must have a hobby. Some like to collect the stamp, some like to make the jam, but the most fun is to a kill a little animal with a shotgun or rip them up with wild dog. HAHAHAHAHHHAA

Bob: I've seen the film. Do I detect a hint of Boratation?

Borat inpersonator: Boring sod.
от Muckle Flugga 10 ноември 2006
To be Worby or feel Worby means that you are confused or just plain sleeping with your eyes open and have no awareness of the world around you until someone says "Do you think he's ok?". Worbyness often occurs after heavy night out binge drinking and/or doing illegal drugs - but then again some people are born with it.
Ian: Alright Dan, I would like you too meet my good friend Alex.
Dan: Hiya mate.
Alex: *stands motionless with eyes open freakishly*
Dan: Ian, is he alright he looks like he's just taken crate's worth of ritalin and disolved it in Horlicks.
Ian: Crap, he's doing it a again. He's always a bit Worby - he was born with it.
Dan: Poor guy.
от Muckle Flugga 02 ноември 2006
What one would say in one's company in the morning of a glorious sunny day in Buckinghamshire, England.
Sup Jeeves, how are you feeling this fine morning? After I butter your scone would you like me to fetch your 'Fox Hunting monthly' magazine and open it to the 'letters' page?
от Muckle Flugga 08 октомври 2006
The Discombobulated Shady Knick-Knack is a rare goat-like animal that is found on the high mountain slopes of the Scottish Mountains. When at its most confused, the Knick-Knack spins around in circles for approximately two minutes and then goes on a rampage to eat Cairngorm Snow Haggis’s. The minerals found in Cairngorm Snow Haggis’s helps the Knick-Knack grow a thick white furry coat that’s helps keep it warm when temperatures drop to a chilly -27°C.

Due to less oxygen on top of some of the hills the Knick-knack’s lungs are able to take bigger breaths to absorb as much oxygen as possible. The feet of the Knick-Knack are wide so the feet do not sink into the snow whilst chasing Snow haggises.

Knick-Knacks can be seen all year round in the Scottish Highlands but are particularly common in the winter months where the Knick-knack has been known to eat the unfortunate winter hill-walker or ice-climber with its razor sharp sabre-tooth teeth. Since modern hill-walking gear has got tougher over the years the Knick-Knack has developed sharper teeth so it can tear through the most Gore-Texed jacket on the market.
Physiatrist: You seem to be shivering alot. Whats wrong? Are you cold?
Non-Scottish person: I-I-I got chased down Ben Nevis by a Discombobulated Shady Knick-Knack.
Physiatrist: Christ, he will never recover.

от Muckle Flugga 05 ноември 2006
Hello, today I am going to explain the many sub cultures in and around the UK.

A sub culture is defined by what style a person is usually forced to be as a teenager. In the UK there are two main sub cultures these are:

A rock music based influenced culture
A Inner city based culture

At present in 2006 the most common term for these two cultures is 'Chav' (a inner city culture) and 'Emo' (a rock music culture).

But these two sub cultures can be catorgorized further. For the rock music culture the following sub sub cultures can be catorgorized:

Grunger - Would usually wear Vans or converse shoes, denim jeans (dark blue) and a black hoodie with a band logo written on it. Enjoy old-fashioned metal music such as Nirvana and Him. See Grunger for more detail.

Emo - This is a relatively new culture. It was originally based on self harming and depression. Emo is short for emotional rocker which describes the style of music. The music is described as Quote: 'Punk music on estrogen'. Clothing is often black with converses. See emo for more detail.

Skater - Fashion style can vary depending how grunger or indie influened they are. But it must be said that Skaters always wear skate shoes (most commonly Vans). Oh yeah, free time will always be spend skating.

Indie - I'll begin with music. In the 60's it was all about the Beatles, 70's Rolling stones, 80's the Clash, 90's Ash and 00's Feeder. Indie can also be described as punk. Indie is one of the few rock music influenced sub cultures that are not american influenced (union jack all the way!). Most commonly found at british festivals. Hard to describe fashion. See Indie

Goth - Dark, dark, dark, version of emo but without the depression. Music includes evanesance. Fashion is dark and pircings is common.

To conclude rock music influenced cultures, (without being biased) in my opinion indie is the most respected because it is never on a 'war' with another sub culture.

Inner city cultures are some of the least resepected in the UK. These cultures start in poor destricts of major cities such as London or New York. Teenagers who fall into these catorgories are often poor and get bored so they turn to crime and antisocial behavior and underage sex.

Chav's - Where do I begin? Up until 2004 this select group used to be called Townies or Rude Boys (rudies for short]. In 2004 this group had there name changed to Chav's (I belive this stands for Council Housed And Violent - which is a good description). I could go on about Chav's or townies for years, see Chav.

Yanks - Firstly I apologise is some people find this offensive. The american version of chav. But some how this culture migrated to the UK. This is all about gangs, guns, drugs, knives, rappers and black men trying to be harder than other men. In the UK this is a serious problem. This culture is a threat to society because they shoot, stab and drug people up so they earn 'respect' from their peers. I do realise though that many people who enjoy rap music and hip hop are not a threat to society - this is a sterotype.

Inner city cultures have a very unisex clothing style and listen to 'black music' i.e hip-hop, garage, rap and R'n'B.

To conclude on Sub Cultures I would like to conclude that whilst writing this I tried to put fact and not opinion. I also tried not to be biased. Whatever culture you decide is best for you as a 10 year old. Find a good one that you can enjoy for life (thats emo ruled out then hahaha). For me personally I have always been rock music influended and constanly asked where I belong in the world. Thank you for taking the time to read my description.
In 2002, when I was 11, I remember a famous occasion when I was asked: "Are you a Grunger or a rude boy?".

I said: "I don't know"
He said: "What make are your shoes?"
I said: "Addidas"
He said: "That makes you a rude boy"
I Said: "Thats nice to know"

Thats Sub Cultures my friends :)
от Muckle Flugga 24 октомври 2006
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