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Noun. (br-ee-yo). Someone who has finesse, special talent, vivacity, brilliance, strength, self-confidence, worthy of revere and respect or is distinctively unique or attractive. In France brio might be described as "je ne sais quoi"...a certain intangible and attractive quality someone has that makes them stand out from others.
"She's got brio in the kitchen. Nobody cooks better than aunt Rosa."

"The man's sense of timing and sound is impeccable...he possessed brio, vision and limitless creativity."
от Nordoslav 06 май 2013
A mother who is usually addicted to strong opiates or methamphetamines she can get legally or illegally. Often soccer moms take the edge off the meds high with booze or cheap domestic beer. Being a mom, most likely with an oblivious husband with a well-paying job, she's usually in possession of a solid grocery-getter/multi-passenger car most likely a white mini-van(the preferred vehicle of a PPSM) so she is able to get several kids to soccer practice after school while she's hopped up on meds.
"A pill-popping soccer mom purchased a set of new tires then proceeded to crash into the tire store trying to test out the new tires doing some high speed donuts in the parking lot. What a fucking stupid bitch! She must be a pill-popping soccer mom!"

"Mom heckled the refs again at our soccer match today. My English teacher yelled at her,"Go home you drunken, pill-popping soccer mom...get help!"

"The meth addict was once #1 in population only to be usurped by the pill-popping soccer mom."
от Nordoslav 04 декември 2012
Often overdramatized behavior verbal and/or non-verbal to accentuate a point or display an emotion. It differs from theater or drama because it's more comprehensive including real life situations and people. Theatrics can run the full range of human emotion and expression from humorous to very serious depending on the context of the situation. Melodrama and is often accompanied with it but not in every case. Theatrics can have extreme physical movement to express an emotion or idea but, also, not in every case. Theatrics can be very subtle as well.
"Did you see that skater kid's theatrics after he fell on his ass?"

"Well sir, I've had enough of your maniacal theatrics...they're disruptive to this classroom and this institution!"

"The theatrics of the very first Saturday Night Live group were subtle, colorful and well-timed making some of their skits some of the best televised comedy of all-time.
от Nordoslav 05 февруари 2013
1. A mentally bright individual who likes well designed and crafted objects, intelligent conversation, has ecclectic tastes in music, art, literature, food and beverages. A sophisticado also appreciates the simple things like illustrating or eating an avocado with sea salt, freshly ground pepper, with slashes of freshly-squeezed lemon juice, soy sauce and rice vinegar.
2. a psuedo-intellectual or idiot savant from California, the Southwest, Mexico or Latin America.

3. An interesting, intelligent person who speaks Spanish.

4. An avocado with intricate, subtle flavors
"He was a true sophisticado...a deep thinker who loved listening to industrial techno and classical music but often commented on how much he enjoyed viewing a sunset, getting a kiss from his wife or watching people and animals interact."

"That chick Devi sure is a silly freak from Cali. I bequeath unto her the holy title of 'sophisticado'."
от Nordoslav 04 декември 2012
A boring looking mini-van, station wagon or SUV used mostly to acquire groceries for the household to transport kids around town. Usually a grocery-getter vehicle is driven, unfortunatley, by a pill-popping soccer mom and/or bored housewife in a loveless marriage. Grocery-getter vehicles are generally not very sexy looking and are selected for their practical utility like transporting spoiled kids, various equipment and groceries of course.
"Her husband bought her a real grocery-getter didn't he?"

"What is up with Anne-Marie? She was zipping around in her grocery-getter all jacked up on something this morning... nearly ran me over, dammit!"

Used car sales guy: So we have a nice selection of mini-vans and station wagons over here you might like in your price range.

Woman: Those are alright I guess. Ooh, I like that silver Toyota Sienna! Can I test drive it?

Guy: Sure...a more fancy grocery-getter if you will.

Woman: Uh, yeah (rolls eyes and sighs). You know I'm not a mom and I'm not married Mr. um...

Guy: Just call me Larry.

Woman: Right. On this test drive try not to talk. You already put your foot in your mouth as it is.
от Nordoslav 28 януари 2013
v. dee-fat-uhn 1. The act of removing fat from someone or an animal alive or dead. 2. A person metabolizing stored fat from exercise, a leaner diet or other methods. 3. lightening a heavy load
"My friend complained his thighs were too chubby and needed to de-fatten."

"De-fatten the chicken by cutting the skin off."
от Nordoslav 05 ноември 2013
Another nickname for Montana since the average male to female ratio is anywhere from 5:1 to 30:1 depending on which "neck of the woods" you live in. Also, when people think of Montana they usually think of an iconic image of a rough-hewn cowboy on a horse riding through the mountains like a Marlboro man. It's considered man country because you have to be reasonably tough to live in Montana through the winter months.
"Come to Mantana..,where you don't lose your girlfriend, you just lose your turn!"

"No, I wasn't referencing the movie, Brokeback Mountain. Most Mantana men are NOT gay."
от Nordoslav 27 януари 2013

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