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3 definitions by SOME SEXY HOBO

Something that suprises or excites you.
*see's an extreamly sexy girl* dahm!! You see that ass!?!
от SOME SEXY HOBO 17 юли 2008
Posative and optamistic, at the same time.
Travis is a realy posamistic guy that was on big brother
от SOME SEXY HOBO 17 юли 2008
A man that sleeps around. A man that has sex with a lot of dahm sexy girls with no intentions of a commited relationship. Many men will try to imatate a man whore, this is uncool and thust will make the man uncool. If you are imatating a man whore, I sugest that you stop asap.
Tony hill is a man whore!
от SOME SEXY HOBO 17 юли 2008