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When 2 or more straight girls all of a sudden act like skankylesbians as soon as a camera is aimed at them. They feel a sudden urge to act like they are kissing, licking, or feeling up on each other whenever someone asks to take their picture, especially at parties or whenever alcohol is involved.
Heather, Ashley, and Krissy instantly went into skanky photodyking poses as soon as the Jason asked if he could take their picture at the New Year's Party.

Drunk off their asses, and desperately trying to get Ryan's attention, Misha and Tara thought that becoming photodykes would do the trick when taking slutty pictures of themselves with their tongues hanging out.
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от Sidbo 06 януари 2010
Homosexual Male version of a Cougar. An older gay male, usually at least 40 who seeks to score with younger boys in their 20's. He is often a wealthier gay male who uses his money to seduce or score with younger men.
In a nightclub on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, CA:

Ryan: Hey, like why are all those cute boys gathering around over there?
Stephan: Oh, well I heard that like, some sugardaddy] pulled up in a Bentley and he's like buying them all drinks.
Ryan: Ah, fabulous! A Pink Panther. I should like make sure he notices how fierce I am so I can get in on some of that.
Stephan: You're such a slut!!!
Ryan: Ya, well he can like take me back to his den anytime honey.
#gay #queer #cougar #sugardaddy #homo
от Sidbo 10 януари 2010
To selfishly, and stubbornly oppose something because of being a sore loser.

To be the one to make plans difficult or impossible for everyone else just because you can't get your way, or for motives that are financially self serving.
Knowing she was the only one old enough to drive, Katie lieberbustured and said she wouldn't drive unless they went to see her choice of movie, "The Blind Side" instead of everyone else's choice "Up in the Air".

Because Principal Jim's son wasn't hired to DJ the school dance, he lieberbustered and refused to sign approval to let the Homecoming dance take place.
#lieberman #leiberbuster #lieberal #liebercrat #lieberman alert
от Sidbo 14 декември 2009
Asian lesbians.
Tila Tequila is an attention starved lipstick lebasian.

Jenny Shimizu is one of the top lebasian models in the fashion world.
#lesbian #lesbo #dyke #gaysian #gaysia
от Sidbo 06 януари 2010
The heartless and extremely one dimensional character in a movie that is so mean and evil or dickish, that you can't help but hate him. He is also often characterized as the killer or abuser of beautiful and defenseless wives & girlfriends and innocent children, or the dick boyfriend of the leading lady that you cannot for the life of you, figure out why she's with him.

He either dies near the end of the movie in a very sadistic and creative way at the hands of the the good guy, or he is humiliated in front of his peers and those he's wronged. In either case he is such an asshole that his form of death or humiliation has given the writers an easy out to give the audience something to cheer and feel good about.
Colonel Quaritich proved himself to be the Puppy Killer in the movie, Avatar, when he started the extermination of the peaceful planet loving Na'vis on Pandora.

It was revealed that Zack, in Wedding Crashers, was the Puppy Killer, when he bragged about his sexual conquests behind his girlfriend Claire's back and how he was using her just to advance his political career.
#dick #douche bag #asshole #wanker #prick
от Sidbo 05 януари 2010
Kindle's murderer.
Jean: That new Sedaris book is out. I'll download it to my handy dandy friend, Kindle!

Barry: Kindle? You still stuck on him? I thought iPad killed Kindle before it even had a chance to reach pre-school.

Jean: Ya, I know, that sure was a waste of $300. iPad is so guilty in the case of Kindle's murderer. Kindle is now resting in peace with Palm Pilot, VCR and Projection TV in Techno Heaven.
#kindle #iphone effect #iphone #kindleclicks #murderer
от Sidbo 27 януари 2010
Hot From A Distance. A person who, from afar, looks hot, but when you get up close is not so hot.
Chad: Wow, check out that blonde hottie in the blue top on the dance floor. I'm gonna go out there and get my groove on with her.

Austin: She's a babe. Go for it dude.

10 seconds later....

Austin: You're back already? What she turn ya down?

Chad: Na, just turns out she was H-FAD.
#hottie #babe #fugly #sexy #butter face
от Sidbo 04 май 2011
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