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4 definitions by Squirrel Master

Also ph33r, means fear.
ph33r me!!11 i am teh l33t!!!!11 i PWN u!!!!!!!11111
от Squirrel Master 21 юли 2003
18 8
The appearance of "roast beef" looking labia resulting from vigourous and repeated sex. Typically found with loose slutty women who"give it out" a lot.
Last night I hooked up with this bitch who was totally shanked out, that shit hung down to her knees!
от Squirrel Master 16 август 2004
3 6
One Who Performs Evil Tasks For Another's Advantage.
A Jackal
от Squirrel Master 21 юли 2003
40 47
Dude tha blunt was hoss
от Squirrel Master 21 юли 2003
35 63