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4 definitions by Taiwerica

A combination of chips, crackers, and cookies. A snack that only a stoned person would like.
I'm so high right now. I gotta eat some chackies.
от Taiwerica 29 януари 2011
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When two straight guys meet at a bar and become best friends with each other for the whole night, but never talk to each other again after that.
I met this guy last night, we talked about 90's tv shows all night. I think it was a one night manned. Now I feel dirty inside.
от Taiwerica 05 февруари 2011
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The new religion to worship octopi who can predict soccer match winners with 100% accuracy.
I'm not happy with Christianity anymore, so I think I'll convert to Octopustianity. Jesus had nothing on Paul.
от Taiwerica 11 юли 2010
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Vidz (videos) and pix (pictures) posted on one's blog.
Check out my vix on FB. You can see how cool I am.
от Taiwerica 17 октомври 2010
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