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40 definitions by Whitney

when you see a hot hot person
oh girl he's looking real business
от Whitney 25 декември 2004
a female who like to swallow cum and afterwards give her partner a french kiss.
Yo, dat bidnite sucked my dick and then tried to kiss me...ugh.
от whitney 06 ноември 2004
to have money and spend it freely or like a baller
chingys song powerballin
от WHITNEY 20 март 2005
a hott girl with a fine ass,great shaped boobs,knows how to drop it like its hott..and is found very attractive to alot of boys.
(a boy)She is my babygirl.
от whitney 11 декември 2004
hahahahaha i commented hahahahahahaha
um definition?!?!? .... oh shit
ugly ron is my homeboy
от whitney 26 септември 2003
a white trash dirty slut
that bitch is such a slubag.
от whitney 01 януари 2003
a combination of sketchy and random
wow that dude in the corner watching me is skandom.
от whitney 09 декември 2004