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4 definitions by anm4a

an eye that wanders or doesn't look in the same direction as the other
That girl has a wonky eye. Where is she really looking?
от anm4a 28 юни 2004
An ugly, busted girl whose face resembles that of a cicada. Her unfortunate visage is often accompanied by pubehead hair and a wonky eye
Eww, here comes Cicada Face! Get out of the way!
от anm4a 28 юни 2004
Large, extremely puffy nipples on a guy
When it's cold outside, my canyon caps are out of control!
от anm4a 28 юни 2004
A shortened version of "obvious" or "obviously."
That girl is obvi 20 pounds overweight.

Are you going out tonight?
от anm4a 28 юни 2004