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16 definitions by crank

An extremely homosexual person.
David slid down more pole then a fireman, he is such a flame stick.
от crank 25 април 2005
4 2
1. Descriptive term for a large penis. See also pork sword.
I launched a borage of pork projectiles on Jennifers face with my ham howitzer.
от crank 20 април 2005
5 4
When someone is kicked so hard in the face that they crap out their spleen.
I hate when my splynxter touches the water.
от crank 04 май 2005
3 3
A word used to describe a nasty vagina. See also meat flaps
I threw my man missle into here clam cave.
от crank 25 април 2005
1 1
Refered to a penis that is used to write on someones face after sex with semen secretions. See mushroom stamp
I signed my name on Jills back with my man marker.
от crank 04 май 2005
2 3
The lower flap on a meaty vagina. Also used as an insult.
Jane: "ow, that hurt, i just stepped on my sharlow because i have such huge vagina lips."
от crank 04 май 2005
0 2
A descriptive word used to describe a small, worm-like penis. Also used as an insult to someone you strongly dislike.
Matt is such a worm stick, he can smoke a pole.
от crank 25 април 2005
1 4