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The act of placing a finger in someones orifice without their permission
Why did you finger rape my mouth?
#finger #rape #orifice #mouth #hand
от indybob 04 февруари 2010
A pasty white ginger wigga
See that G wigga, hes pretty fly for a white guy
#ginger #wigga #wiga #nigga #niga #chav
от indybob 08 юли 2009
What a chav turns into when they hit 30. An overweight mother of dirty children who run round with no shoes and pee in the street. She has a flat face and her eyes are far apart which is why the neighbours call her Ol Cock Eye. This breed is mostly found in the town of Walsall.
"Ol Cock Eye" is back from the night before. the night before
#walsall #slag #cock eyed #twat #black country #boss eyed #chav #social services
от indybob 05 октомври 2009
A slum area of Walsall with the only industry being chipshops. It is where chavs and mental people like to hang out on street corners.
The chav was hungry, "Need to go to Palfrey man, I'm starving"
#ol cock eye #walsall #chav #johnston #corker
от indybob 06 октомври 2009
When your partner leaves the double bed that you share and you move to the middle of the bed, and start waving your legs and arms to make the shape of an angel in the bed.
I kicked the girlfriend out of bed and started making a bed angel
#bed #angel #snow angel #mud angel #bed angel
от indybob 04 април 2011
An après fart happens when a person farts and will stand there

with a warm drink in their hand appreciating the after affects of their fart on other people in the room.
Stan stood there drinking his tea with a glow of satisfaction whilst others in the room choked on his fart. He raised his mug of tea to the other people enjoying the après fart.
#après #apres #fart #trump #glow #après ski
от indybob 21 ноември 2011
Area in the town of Walsall, England. Best described as a concrete jungle whose only employers are chipshops, the dole or pimps. Only entertainment is "community centres" that are used by people who do not live in the area and park all over the pavement.
I live in Alumwell, its a shit hole in Walsall
#walsall #palfrey #shit hole #concrete jungle #pleck
от indybob 22 ноември 2011
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