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thought experiment analysts present this as an alternative dimension to the known universe. like hell but instead of flames shitty smearing.

alack? alas? alack.(!) when revisiting, reviewing yours, ours, the known universe through turd specked specs, as these analysts particuarly are rather unfortunately inclined, you can never ever see things right.
live your life, live your live and don't dwell too much in endema. having got this far into Urban Dictionary, i mean reading material composed of enema & endemic, it's probably too late for you now. alack.

quickly and quietly look up emo
от silencut 02 март 2009
like mind complete, finite; like the forseeable future that can be arranged, unimaginable in scope.

there're rules to it that're funny in thinking about going back on, however should you think you've succesfully actually done this, they'll be visited upon thee one hundred fold.

heart warming icelander bjork is one who somehow more than immediately springs to mind as an exponent of rules described above.

poet warlord john locke nominally realised these rules, but he didn't even have a house.
one nature of the known universe (courtesy of bjork): it's all around you.

another (courtesy of john locke): lest thee forgettin, covet not an ass lest your head be your only house unless it rains, so how willst the ass to you glorify all your worth.

well, there one has it. these crazy known universes and there chief exponents, i dunno, eh?
от silencut 02 март 2009
1) the precursor to misery, toil and troubling endema on stock markets globally. to insight this remark is conjure econo-hell, stagflation and the livin' end on the world as we at that knew/know it.

it's a tough phrase but someone's gotta utter it.

woe betide the one who does, as it marks the makings of history in progress, a history for which while you alone weren't responsible, you know you alone can be called to account, but won't be and this is just something you'll have to cope you bastard with.

2) like anything really.
the tough guys: Sell! Sell! Seal! SELL! SELL!
you: *meekly* err... sell? the tough guys are all doing it
от silencut 02 март 2009
1) a fetid smell that applies to one stench alone: that of catshit. thus and so since the crunch-stench of a witch's familiar causes a distinct "*crunch* my god would that i'd be elsewhere in the nick of time... to avoid this *crunch.*"

on a molcular level or, as certain departments would have it, what it actually happening here is the high iron content typical in the diet of a cat is acting like a bastard on the palatte, not only grating whatever, fags booze or aged cheese eg stilton is on there of the sufferer to begin off, but also dressing the wound with shit particles.

2) the derivative of what it is to be bested
having consumed ~yard of purple tin (and this applies to BOTH definitions, not that we all don't enjoy a good listing) steve-dave for some reason stepped outside to piss, i mean like this is outside his own house, to be greeted right (your left) templewise with a bastard. down he goes, into the local witch's familiar's ~week, ~week 1/2 old shit.

ooooh... now that's gotta crunch-stench.
от silencut 01 март 2009
Slang, noun. How one who's bin bested sees
holdcock canned the riot, one eye on the spent quaint one eye on the door
от silencut 16 февруари 2009
fairly popular adage over low-counties, england way.

stems from the crazy-popular fad around mid nineties for local heroes to give in to, wordly: Good, ditch all their property (recoup later) except ideally, their shed, but oftentimes some other household equipment, convert it to a motor vehicle and travel from land's end to John O'Groats, all along motorways all the way.

said fad came to a doleful end when one brave endeavorer try to make amphibious craft from a wash basin and cross to Orkneys - unsucessful. someone coulda died. tomfoolery!

so, sort of this term exudes the joys in realising potential whilst going nowhere fast.
a): you headin off to land's end on your arse on that settee?
b): oh, do moot me a point. nah the shuffle function on my i-pod might present a song ordering that represents a fate i'd prefer not to realise.

you, *eyes skyward*: have shed, will travel.
от silencut 04 март 2009
for what to live and die.

as far as that goes focus on real and social concerns primarily in your waking life and - sweet dreams you can make happen!

all we here're into. ever.

as far as that goes what i like nothing more than to do viz. Urban Dictionary is pick the innocuous ones only to find something disgusting. the questionabler the better. choice!

substance, bound giving in to sound.

as far as that goes you're free wholly as long as you pick real and social concerns!.!
for years i had to make it make it to maidenhead, then i discovered real and social concerns. shirk-me-not
от silencut 02 март 2009
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