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Miley Cyrus. Because she is undeserving of a full name and because she needs a straightjacket. Delusional and certifiably insane, MyCy is on crack and is strangely fanatically religious, which only adds to her bizarre personality. Talks as though she is perpetually filling her mouth with spittle or attempting to extract teeth with her STD ridden tongue. Ex of Nick Jomas, though she falsely believes them to still be more than just friends. Not to be confused with Hannah Montana.
What did MyCy just say?? I don't know, I can't understand a word she's saying.
от Veronica_jonas 17 май 2009
Camilla Belle. A derivative of the nickname CamBelle. Because she is as desirable as a cow and as ugly as one too. A future ex of Joe Jonas. Noticeable features are her fake accent, her alien shaped eyes, and her caterpillar bushy eyebrows which only draw attention to said Martian eyes. Various forms of this name are Cowwhore and Cowskank, because she is a whore and a skank.
Cowbell is awful in the movie 10,000B.C. Her nappy dready hair and unwashed body make her more undesirable than ever before.
от veronica_jonas 17 май 2009
Taylor Swift. An alien eyed, crazy haired, big headed, small bodied, disproportionate, lying, cheating, rumor spreading, name calling, bashing, whiny, all around unattractive girl like creature. Makes many grammatical and literary errors in her songs such as “Love Story.” Romeo and Juliet die Taylor, ok? And he’s not talking slow, he’s talking low. She and MyCy are friends, which isn’t surprising as they both are delusional, certifiably insane, and are exes of the Jonas Brothers. Ruins an otherwise good day.
TSwift songs cause my skin to crawl and bile to rise in my throat.
от veronica_jonas 17 май 2009
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