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a paki is a pakistani hu drinks duz drugs gets into fights n all dem tings ya no. n they dont reli do nefing to do wif der religion get me
but da pakistanis dat act good and stick to ther religion n all dat wana be called pakistanis not pakis coz they fink its rasist.

its only rasicst if ur not mates wif dem or ur sayin it like a insult like sayin... u fukin paki.... but its alrite if ur mates wif dem alie!
rasistness >>
rasict person: oi u fukin paki go bac to ur own county

not rasistness >>
paki: alrite mate? :)
not rasist person: alrite paki? :)
(sori i cldnt fink of a beta 1 lol)
от xXladee-scarzXx 05 юли 2007
98 321
A derogatory word used by the white lower classes within the british community, usually to describe anyone of a darker complection than themselves.

'Paki' is a word mostly used out of jealousy because someone of a pakistani origin may have a better life, house, car, job and more money.

John: "Hey Garry, check that asian guys new car out, its a F**kin Range Rover!".
Garry: "I know them dirty F**kin pakis takin r jobs and r benefits!"

от Des1 30 октомври 2007
308 535
Like calling a black person the N word, Paki is an xpicit way to call a Pakistani. Only Paki's are allowed to call others Paki's.
Indian: dude, i suck (dicks). i wish i was pakistani
Paki: Bitch, faggot, damn indian...its Paki
Indian: i know its cuz im Indian, i mean gay...oh wait same thing
от supermomoo 13 май 2005
59 293
paki women are hot 4 sho
dont be hatin cuz ur white chikks r damn ugly
от Bebe 23 февруари 2005
122 400
True hustlas and are ruthless in their actions to get rich...so what a bruva gots to get paid...hated by white boyz who are jelous of how fricking smooth these guys are.
just try and call me a Paki you KKK bitch
от Thug Paki 28 март 2005
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