A nationality of people from the continent America, mainly used when refering to those from the USA. Although the country was colonized very recently in comparison to the civilised world. As reflected in their people, the country rapidly grew in size to become one of the largest presences in the modern world, this was mainly due to the over indulgence in the vast resources pilfered from around them.

The re-colonization of the Americas was mainly from European countries the main ones being Britain, Spain, France and the Netherlands.
From the lips of a Briton:
"We have done some bad things in our time, we sent our criminals to Austrailia, and our stupid people to America. Unfortunately, it was found that a great number of convicts were later found to have not commited the crime."
от Dave the Rave 12 февруари 2004
haha ok so well americans (as in USA not south americans etc. etc..)....they are not all fat, annoying, arrogant, stupid, idiotic people. A matter of fact, there is a very large amount of people who have an eating disorder, and plenty of thousands of people who are not even close to being fat. americans are very athletic, just watch the olympics compared to all the other countries they're doing really well. oh and cmon they are sex crazed, and if u have sex 3 times a week for a year its equivalent to running 75 miles. yes some americans are very rich, as a matter of fact most of them are and most of them have to work fucking hard to earn their money, but also there are many people who are middle class. ok yes americans do have a fetish with cars, but many other countries do to. yes we have a shit president, but really don't blame some random american, cuz they most likly hate bush or didnt vote for him or are to young to vote so dude dont hate teenagers for their president they had nothing to do with it. ok now yes america creates a lot of pollution but also they are very into the whole environment thing,plus america is fucking bigger than a lot of other countries so really they're doing pretty well. america has some of the top schooling, yes its been dropping ever since bush decided to go with plan 'a' 'fuck up america dearly' but a majority of people are highly educated. and yeah that pretty much sums that up. oooh plus if you hate america so much, think about who kicked out all the native indians and took over the land and made civilization...europeans, so really you kind of fucked us up first.
American1: Ew Dude I fucking hate mcdonalds.
American 2: Oh my god, ew calories, lets go shopping!
от j4561551 13 август 2008
1. Anyone born in the american continent (americas)
2. citizen of a beautiful country located between Mexico and Canada.
3. A way of thinking, good in the sense that itdrives indutrious, hard working disciplined people. Bad in that it also limits understanding of other cultures and suppresses interest in learning other things different.

Americans are great people, I have traveled all over their country's vast and beautiful territory, they are kind and in general happy to live their lives, patriotic and proud of their country as they should be. The first love of my life was an american girl incredibly smart and stunningly beautiful.They have a strong culture and traditions.
The problem is that alot of americans have earned the abd reputation they have nowadays. They are ignorant and too arogant to learn or acknowledge their mistakes. A lot of american tourists are rude condescending and filthy. Many travel on spring break to other countries to piss on their cultures, soil their beaches and offend the locals.
yes It is the money spent in these countries by americans that help the host countries economy in some cases it's the main source of income for many families but that doesn't give them the right to just go around raping culture.They come to restaurants and order food that's not on the m,enu or are allergic to coriander or nuts!
A lot of americans also have the silly idea that god has blessed them in particular, little do they realise that god has left mankind a long time ago and he has no favourites.
They also have wierd concepts like "terrorism", "personal space","jesus camp".

In general they are very smilar to other countries but they have a wierd society structure, problems in highschools, bullying so tough that it causes kids to shoot each other. They are culturaly very diverse but their different ethnic groups tend to alienate themselves.
They have all this food and they waste so much, they think of the darndest things like all you can eat restaurants that for less than 10 bucks you can eat all kinds of food, dteaks, prawns, chicken, pizza, salads desserts and yet they will take a few bites out of one plate and then go for a different one and all that food is just thrwn away in the end.
they do funny things like elect terminator for governor.

Americans are hated all over thanks world for what their government has done to every single country . Let it be the wars and bombings or the econnomical invasion with the transantionals that force countries to buy american products instead of their own. The insaciable thirst for oil, the unilateral "free" trade agreements and so on.

I like americans, I've lived in the US on various occations and the americans i know will always be good friends of mine, they are people that love other countries as well and respect different cultures. Yes, many didn't know the names of the canadian and mexican presidents or in what year columbus discovered america or what really happened in ww1 and ww2 but that doesn't make them bad people.
In particular I will always remember my first love: Azure.

p.s. In a way you have to understand that they are arrogant because they have a bit of an identity problem, they come from all over the world, they don't know anything about the world and their country doesn't even have a real name.
Ex 1:

person1:Damian is a cool guy, a bit strange but he is alright.

person2:He's got a bit of an accent, Where's he from?

person1:He's american.

person2: Really? never would've guessed, he is pretty fucking cool.

person1: those american bastards are pissing on the beach!!
person2: yes, they are the same ones that were treating the waitress at the hotel like shit yesterday.
person1: let's go kick their ass!
от Mexican philosopher 12 януари 2007
A term used to describe citizens of the country "America" (Shortened from "The United States of America")

On a less objective angle... An American (From the country America. Yes, while it can technically be used to describe those on the continents on the western hemisphere, no one else uses the term, therefore, it is fair to say) is someone who supports their country.

And no, that does not mean agreeing with everything the government says or does (It's doubtable that any average citizen around the world agrees with their government completely) but to call one's self a citizen of a country, commiting acts of treason make such a statement questionable.

While the United States is lenient on letting its people badmouth and wish for their country's loss, demoralizing the troops who are working so hard for their country and to liberate the innocent people of the Middle East, it is hard to call someone an American when that person is embarrassed to even be part of The U.S.

No, being patriotic is not being prejudice (Although, I personally believe that everyone is prejudiced in one way or another, such as 'my mother is better than yours'). By definition, it is the pride in one's country. If you hate your country so much, instead of rant about it, why not do something, or better yet, leave. But I digress.

Sorry to say this, but it's just not good enough to have legal papers to be a citizen of a country. At least have some sense of loyalty, eh? Like, I don't know... not making Iraq another Vietnam where we lose because of loss of support of the people and thousands of civilians died.
"I hate America! I hope we fail miserably!"
"But... you said you're an American."
"I am! I was born here!"
"But you want your country to fail and destroy the livelihoods of you and your countrymen?"
"Um, why?"
"Because George Bush sucks and we deserve it!"
"Then go to Venezuela and support Hugo Chavez and so South America can be united under one dicator..."
от You're not going to stalk me, right? 10 февруари 2008
A citizen of the United States of America. Most Americans smell like feces.
Hey Jean-Pierre, look at that American.

Look at him? I can smell him from here.

Mais Oui!
от Pollup 16 април 2008
Awesome people who shall one day rule the world due to their awesomeness.
"Dude, those Americans are bad ass. They just took over France and all they had to do was throw shit at them."

"Wow, I wouldn't fuck with America."
от RoguePA 05 декември 2007
synonym for awesome, better than everyone else
I'm an American.

I am better than you at life.
от NeLsoNick 07 януари 2007

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