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When you're doing a girl doggie style when you suddenly shove both index fingers into her ass then around and into her mouth, fish hooking her.

She then struggles and flaps about like a duck.

When she tries to talk it also comes out like a duck.
Chris: I was fucking Debs when suddenly i gave her an Angry Duck, she was well pissed.
от Shreds 03 ноември 2008

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when you have a rather severe case of the fiarrhea, and directly upon expulsion of said 'rhea, you get the abrupt realization of no fucking tp on the roll!! not even an empty roll to scrape it off with! so then, you do the angry duck waddle over to the sink to dampen a paper towel.
OMG! i just did the angry duck at work. my day is fucked.
от Mandalyn Knapic von Seldeneck 08 февруари 2010