See anonymity
There are more definitions for anonymity than there are for anonymous
от Kenthar 11 ноември 2003
a nameless face
someone who wants to be unknown
от fuck a doodle 05 април 2004
Someone who wishes to remain unknown
News Caster ' This person wishes to remain anonymous so she doesn't embarras her friends or family. Back to you Bob'
от georgia baby 06 юни 2006
Anonymous, ever ubiquitous, is.....wait, who?
Who is anonymous?

How can someone be everywhere and nowhere at once?
от Anon Nymous 21 декември 2006
a very popular ud name
most every word has a definition by anonymous
от Brad, Maura, Claire, Delia, James, Brian 28 август 2004
another way to say stalker, timid, or random
yours truly,
Anonymous friend. works for all three
от strawbre 22 май 2007
A group of cyber hackers that steal peopls passwords, send viruses, and attempt other crazy shit.
Recently, Anonymous went through a nationwide attempt to reveal the ending of the harry potter book.

Anonymous has threatened to bomb football stadiums.

от Ikana 01 август 2007

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