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Big Time Bull Shit, something that is so much more than bull shit that it is big time.
They took out $200 of $800 check, that is BTBS
от glockman1727AK47 13 януари 2009
48 8
abbr; Been There Bro used primarliy on twitter
"I ate too many cupcakes" - Anonymous "btb" - Raymond Felton
от Native of Twitter 10 август 2012
156 119
Big Titty Bitches - the object of every bro's desire
There are hella BTBs on this beach...time to do work, boys.
от let$runatrain 30 април 2011
4 2
block that bitch. a suggested action when people post retarded facebook statuses.
God she keeps posting idiotic statuses.
Damn dude. You should BTB!
от Paradox9001 05 юни 2011
4 12
Be There of Be Square. Said after proposing an event that all the cool kids are going to

often said in text/instant messages, but in real life too
ayoooo party at joe's house, btbs!!
от not the square 23 януари 2011
0 8
An acronym for 'Back to Base'.
Usually applied in a military context but can be used in general social contexts.
winston: Man im so owned i cant hack staying out any longer.
alfred: Dude just have another couple of drinks.
winston: Sorry alfred, i gotta lan, im going BTB.
от mbmachine09 03 ноември 2009
1 15
Balls To Butt
Man, that dude is all BTB
от Jowlick 27 юли 2011
1 16