The best rap group ever. They are true to the streets and they do what they say. Krayzie was not born in Cleveland but Bizzie, Layzie, Wish, and Flesh were. Flesh and Layzie are brothers and Wish is their couzin. They first got their record label from Eazy E. The first time they performed for him they got no response but they asked to perform for him again and made it successful. BTnH represent that they come from the streets of Cleveland very hard on East 1999 where they grew up in an area called St. Clair. People thought that at one point the rap group broke up but in their song Ressurection (Paper, Paper) it shows that they never did and that it was just rumors spread. They also played the Ouiga Board and listened to it, which the Ouiga told them to murder some people which they did. Bone thugs n harmony were also frequent weed smokers and also experimented with exstacy.
East 1999 by Bone Thugs n Harmony
Layzie Bone
East ninteen ninety nine my niggas....
Thinkin' bout back in the days when the year was '89
Little nigga on da grind
Gotta get mine doing my crime,

Verse 2: Krayzie Bone
Niggas it's going down, up in the C-Town
Get 'em up wid the thug and the nigga wid the bud, got the fifth rose,
For the niggas that close hit 'em up wid the forty reasons
Nigga roll up the buddah,
Smoke it all up nigga don't stiff on the reefer
Mo runnin' up outta the club wid this
Plus I got hydro and this shit is creeper creeper

Verse 3: Bizzy Bone
Gotta give peace to the SCTs
And the one big thug on the glock,
Pump blast fa the cash
Then I mashin wid gas gotta dash away from the cops
Not lettin' no pause

Verse 4: Flesh N Bone
Dun dun leavin' the niggas to cock it pop widda me gun
They know that me noddin' they head off
And I gots to have me fun
Leaving 'em hung, breakin' fakin'
You studio gangsta bitch trick
Niggas'll get beat
I'm handlin' the shit

Verse 5: Wish Bone
Wanna run red rum try to run and get away
But it's just to laaaate,
Watch out buckshots when I come buck buck
Betta guard that fuckin' face
Dumpin' them slugs on you fools

Bone Thugs
Cleveland is the city where we come from so run run run
Cleveland is the city where we come from so run run run
Cleveland is the city where we come from so run run run
Cleveland is the city where we come from so run run run
East east nineteen ninety ninety nine nine nine nine
East east nineteen ninety ninety nine nine nine nine
East east nineteen ninety ninety nine nine nine nine
East east nineteen ninety ninety nine nine nine nine
East east nineteen ninety ninety nine nine nine nine
East east nineteen ninety ninety nine nine nine nine
от kooch 16 юли 2006
True thuggin rapers, that accually came from the gutter and not from surberbia like nelly and those fuks, like ja rule and g-unit who claim to be from the ghetto.
Also there producer was a true thug, Eazy-E
"T-H-U-G we be, thats thug mantality we thuggin..thunggin til the day we die"

- Krazie bone, bone thugs n harmony
от Kezza213 22 юли 2006
The best rap group ever to walk this earth.
From their oldest albums, to their recent ones,
they never cease to amaze me.
Most of the members have even have succesful solo albums.
They are unique, unlike these new people
rapping about all the same shit.
They pull you in with their great flows and unbilievable rapping ability.
They can go from calm smoothe songs, to that hardcore thug level.
Their talent is uncomparable.

Albums of Bone Together -

Faces Of Death
Release Date: 1993

Creepin' On Ah Come Up
Release Date: 1994

East 1999 Eternal
Release Date: 1995

Art of War
Release Date: 1997

The Collection, Volume 1
Release Date: 1998

Release Date: 2000

The Collection, Volume 2
Release Date: 2000

Thug World Order
Release Date: 2002

Greatest Hits
Release Date: 2004

Bone Brothers
Release Date: 2005

Strength & Loyalty
Release Date: 2007

All spectacular albums.
These are not even including their solo ones!
Listen to some of Bone Thugs N Harmony songs, you wont regret it.
от InfamouzBlaze 25 август 2007
5 true thugs comin off the streets of Cleveland, Ohio. Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish, and Flesh. There style is known as flow motion..they incorporate harmony, speed, and flow to there songs..and will always be the best rap group to ever walk to the earth..
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ia da shit
от Kratosis Red 16 юли 2008
Bone Thugs-n-harmony to some are known as the fastest rappers alive, but not only are they that. Bone Thugs also have amazing harmony and they are one of few rap groups that put good meanings into their music. They have been through some tough times but now in the summer of 2006 they are going on tour without flesh-n-bone or bizzy bone. They have also won a grammy for the song "Tha Crossroads" which was dedicated to Eazy-E after he passed away from AIDS. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are one of the best and most inspirational rap groups ever.
"Tha crossroads" is one of the best Bone Thugs-N-Harmony songs.
от B-Dauch 01 септември 2006
Greatest rappers, all the new rappers are trendy faggets and Bone raps about what real thugs do, no one can be better, greatest rappers straight outta Cleveland
i feel so violent violent fucking with the exctasy
bone thugz baby
от Urban Dictionary 24 май 2005
the best rappers there ever will be. the realest thugs. far better than 50, ja, eminem, snoop and all the rest that people like so much.
bone never went soft like snoop
от I hate fakes 04 август 2003
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