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Clinical Research Physician

Usually its a business title, that is given to a person who holds a Medicine Degree and/or a specialty board
most likely works in a pharmaceutical company or in a medical manufacture for any medical or pharmaceutical supplies

one of his main responsibilities is to report any side effects or adverse events, deliver the medical knowledge for the sub-coordinates
BMS pharmaceutical company is looking for Neurological CRP for their Neuro products line
от over_dose 06 април 2011
6 1
Crushed Red Pepper
Mmm, this pizza looks good. Can you pass the CRP?
от AJBates 16 юли 2008
9 7
One who's pubic hairs are tinted red. Curly red pubes.
Justin : I heard Jake was a CRP
Jake: Blaa!
*Back breaking*
от Caius Justinas of Ryerson School 14 април 2005
7 16
Nickname for a pimp in action
Man them hoes just got crp'd by John
от Willy 17 септември 2003
4 22