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A unshaved girl that forms balls of nappy pubic hair
Dude: "man I would have gone down on you but you have Cunt Bunnies Bytch!"
Chyck: "Ok, then next tyme I will shave them off."
от Sunday 05 13 февруари 2008

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When you have so much hair on your vagina you can't get a penis in there.
Yesterday, I was going down on Jenny, then i realized she was a cunt bunny!
от Clause Cannon 24 януари 2012
A hoe ass NIgga who fucking cheats during a game of dominoes, often making up rules as they go, Nigga rigging.

Also a a name for a bitch ass Nigga
Tom Cruise quit being a cunt bunny!!!
от MO-city Thunder Cat 11 септември 2006
A person who performs an extreme gesture. It can be very good or very bad.
Good: That girl just donated $100,000 to breast cancer reaserch. She's such a nice little cuntbunny.

Bad: Oh no! I know that cuntbunny did not just run off with my Shanaynay!
от BoNE* 22 юни 2005