Dick Licker - aka: your mouth.

Shut your DL before I smack you!
от _fish 06 октомври 2006
direct level , between you and me , also means were on the same level
you on the dl wit me
от secret 25 ноември 2004
Short for Donna Love, a really hot mom
dude mike adam said DL again
mike gives adam the undercrusher
от Anonomyous 11 юни 2004
1.Short for dreadlord
2. An acronym for dont lag.
1. No no! Its dreadlord not druglord!
2. gl hf dd ds dl - good luck have fun dont die dont suck dont lag
от www.eternalsoldiers.net 04 септември 2003
I chose DL for 3corr.
от Pika 02 август 2003
dick lash
my friend got dl in the face.
от jake 29 април 2003
dicklick; oral sex to a guy
Can I get the dl?
от Anonymous 07 март 2003

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