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1. Japanese/Romaji word for Germany.

2. Common nickname for Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt from the anime, Hetalia: Axis Powers

3. Doitsu isn't just the Japenese word for Germany - oh, no. It is so much more . Doitsu is the reason we live, the reason we breathe. Without Doitsu, we'd be dead; nothing. Doitsu has the power to do anything. Once you become a Doitsu, you have achieved everything in life. Get stopped by the police? Tell them you're a Doitsu, and they'll back the fuck off. Your house getting burgled? Just let those assholes take one good look at your Doitsu face and they'll drop dead. Doitsu is everything. Everything that you have ever know. Only the best of the best can become a Doitsu."
Shine Bright like a Doitsu
от silly32 01 март 2013
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A person, usually a male, that you can't help but wanting to fuck.
Your boyfriend is such a doitsu.
от Breanain Sortiria 02 март 2012
Doitsu is a simply indescribable thing. Doitsu is our sole survival, the very reason we thrive on this circle which is the Earth. Doitsu is the ultimate form, the awesome being we all strive to become. Doitsu is the twinkling stars in our darkest nights; Doitsu is the tiny spark in a cold expanse of icy emptiness; Doitsu is our single red cardinal flash in a bleak white winter. Doitsu is the one who protects us; He is the one who loves us; He is the one to save us. He is the unbelievably beautiful figure of which we all wish we could be, which we all hope to be one day. It is every person's dream, whether recognized or unrecognized by those people, to become a Doitsu one day. We all wish with a strong power in our souls to be a Doitsu or at least become Doitsu in somebody's eyes. a Doitsu is somebody we truly love with all of the weak human strength in our hearts.
1. Shine bright like a Doitsu.
2. You know my boyfriend, Shane? He's my Doitsu.
от Beelee 13 октомври 2013
Doitsu is the reason kids sleep peacefully at night when they are older. Doitsu scares off all the night demons that creep into our rooms. His pistol is alway by his side, ready to defend those who need doitsu's help. Doitsu also scares off over protective, foxy grandparents that show up at night to see how beautiful theur grandchildren have grown.
Doitsu! A night demon is haunting my dreams again!
от Erebos;-p 10 септември 2014
A word meaning Germany in Japanese, often used by fans of Hetalia.
Doitsu just doesn't mean Germany though. It means you have great power. Doitsu is shining bright.
Doitsu ist fabulous

Doitsu is love
Doitsu is life
Shine bright like a Doitsu
от Hetalian Derp Kitty 13 февруари 2015

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