A hustler. Usually someone that is trying to get rich but is having a hard time geting there.
Damn that guy is good. But why is he a Duffle bag boy?
от ->BuRR<- 23 октомври 2007
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Refering to an individual whom sells and distributes products, most commonly drugs, with the transaction taking place through the use of a brown paper bag. Money is exchanged with the product within the bag and given back to the individual making the sale.
Playa's Circle ft. Lil Wayne in the song "Duffle Bag Boy" Wayne says the line, "If I dont do nuthin Imma ball, Im countin all day like the clock on the wall; So, goin get cha money lil Duffle Bag Boy, so, goin get cha money lil Duffle Bag Boy!"
Wayne is telling the dealers to go ahead a make that money.
от Javaughn G. 24 октомври 2007
A street hustler that sells large amounts of illegal products through the use of a duffle bag. Duffle bags are more commonly used to sell drugs and or weapons; the bag is usually dropped off or exchanged for other drugs, weapons or cash.
Ya boy is movin weight by the duffle bag, now that is a true duffle bag boy, na mean.
от KillaCam2006k 16 ноември 2007
The act of selling drugs or hustling whatever you got, usually cocaine, and making enough money to put in your dufflebag
If i dont do nothin ima ball
im countin all day like the clock on the wall
now go and get ya money lil dufflebag boy.
от 12 shotta 25 октомври 2007
a nigga makin cash by hustlin n sellin trees or powda/powder nah meen..its a straight gutta ass nigga stackin paper selling drugs.
deze niggas dont worry bout 5-0
" ay bra u wanna buy some green or some powder i got pills and eery thing that good stuff i'm a duffle bag boy fa real"
от msredd14 19 октомври 2007
1.A person who hustles and gets no money,
2. a person who wants to hustle but doesnt know how to,
3 a person that hustles drugs,guns,alchohol or anything legal or illegal,
4.a diss to someone that doesnt make as much money as you or doesnt hustle as good as you.
1.wow what a duffle bag boy
4. go on and get your money little duffle bag boy
от Ricky8411 18 ноември 2007

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