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Scottish phrase given to one who instead of washes/showers/bathes, instead sprays themselves with deoderant.
'Are you going to shower before going out?', "naw, just gonna have a Dundee shower"
от Big Bongo's magic space bus 19 септември 2009

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The act of using deoderent in place of a real shower, like the unwashed people of Dundee.
No hot water left? I'll just have a Dundee shower.
от StuFish 06 октомври 2009
The original waterless shower. No shower? No problem! Just apply your spray on deodorant liberally and your good to go!
Mark - Did you see the queue for the showers this morning?

Johnny - Aye, I just went for a Dundee Shower instead!
от FreeScotland 19 декември 2009