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That movie was so fantastic!
от SuperficialBob 22 април 2005
The catchphrase of the Ninth Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston
Rose...Before I go, I just wanna tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And d'you know what? So was I.
#allons-y #geronimo #bow ties #fezzes #3d glasses
от DoctorGeek 19 март 2011
Usually stands for an event which involves "battle of the classes". Taken place during high school events. battle between classes of the freshmen, sophomore, junior, and seniors. Each class devises about a 20 minute skit which tie together with an overall theme. schoos judges evaluate each skit and determine the winner, winning spirit points for that class. What makes fantastics unique is that students from each class have to gather classmates, write a skit, choreograph dances, make costumes... etc basically devise a mini show.

Hey, did you go to Fantastics?
Yeah! I did, the Junior's skit was soo much better than the Sophomores
#fantastics #battle of the classes #school skits #school battle #class battle
от minh 17 март 2006
Mr. Facchin
This mr.facchin is fantastic and has a fantastic graph
#this graph is fantastic #big butt #funny #korea #all knowing
от Alejandro Mcpiggleton 11 юли 2011
An adjective used by a co-worker constantly because he is unable to use his tiny brain to think of another word.
Dumbass: The position is with company A or company B; is this something you can see yourself doing?

Person A: Yes it is

Dumbass: Fantastic! You will be a fantastic person to work for this fantastic company
#awesome #amazing #great #good #excellent
от Knob_Handler 11 февруари 2015
To exist only in dreams; in a fantasy;
unreal; nonexisting.

Person 2: You have a fantastic sense of creativity.
#unreal #fantasy #dream #imaginary #nonexisting
от lolz11eleven 27 февруари 2006
Often said with emphasis on the 'faan' heard in 'Features For Print..'
Oh my god!! Decky is fantastic!
Oh my god!! Karla, it is faaantastic!!
#fantastic #class #brilliant #features #for #print #decky #karla
от Karla & Decky 08 декември 2008
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