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to vomit or throw up from drinking too much or from being hungover the next morning
i was so drunk last night i flashed in the parking lot befor work this morning!
от dirty dave 85 12 октомври 2011

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To expose one's private body parts to the public
I got flashed by some guy on my way to office.
от officedawg 08 октомври 2010
When a police camera, usually mounted to a telephone or utility pole in an urban area, takes a picture of you doing something illegal, i.e., running a red light, speeding, stopping past the crosswalk. Term originated in Philly.
Donte, the more you inch your car over the crosswalk you keep getting flashed, your gonna get like 5 tickets now.
от philly philly! 13 февруари 2010
(magic) To inadvertently show how you did a trick.
Dave inadvertently flashed his potatoes before he lifted the cups, so his audience wasn't surprised when he made them appear.
от Oscar MacGorden 26 февруари 2012