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1) Having a good time with friends
2) Acting like a Fool, not giving a care about what people think. Ultimate phase of "Foolery" and "Foolin"
- We gon be so foolay at this party
- Im so foolay today
от ej9595 18 февруари 2011
31 6
Somebody that has gone completly off the scale of the word 'Fool' in their stupidity or ridiculous act of trying to be awesome. Usually used as an insult but can be used as a joke when someone was just a bit embarrassing.
Awww Scott you're such a foolay. But we love you
от LovinoLovesFinlandEh? 21 август 2010
17 15
my dawg; real cool friend.
Yo whats up fool ay?
от Sweet-K 07 февруари 2011
0 0
an expression to say hello
-hello Tommy, how are you?
-wassup foolay
от Minkoolay 13 юни 2008
16 27