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A person who has a total of 0 friends.
Andrew Novits is a prime example.
от The Dude 31 юли 2004

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a person with no friends
Andrew novits' good friend vinnie ruffino is a HUGE LOSER!
от huge lsoer 02 август 2004
A person with no friends, usually because all of the person's friends left him. Anyone in their right mind will do everything they can to have people know/think that they do not like this person.
Cool Person #1: Andrew Lodell is such a huge loser!
Cool Person #2: I know right!
Cool Person #3: OH GOD HE'S COMING OVER HERE!!!!!!
Andrew Lodell: Hey guys what's u...
Cool Person #1 #2 and #3: RUN!!!!!!
от mastapwndom 03 декември 2008