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The most requested song in a strip club.
Patron: "How much for a lap dance?"
Stripper: "$20.00 for one song."
Patron: "Will they play Ina Gadda da Vida?"
от Nadmenny 11 септември 2006
One-hit wonder by the awesome group Iron Butterfly. Real title is In the Garden of Eden. True Vesion is 17 Minutes long.
I love to listen to the song In-a-gadda-da-vida on my CD player.
от Ethan "Wolfex" Porter 07 април 2003
One of the greatest songs written in the 60s. It was a 17 minute, 6 second long song featuring solos from every member of the band. It was originally called In the Garden of Eden, but it came out in-a-gadda-da-vida because the lead singer, Doug Ingle, was drunk when he tried to say In the Garden of Eden. This song is sometimes considered the birth of heavy metal.
WTF In-a-gadda-da-vida didn't even make Rolling Stone's Top 500 Songs list!!
от tsman445 13 май 2007
in a gadda da vida is a song by iron butterfly and man you gotta hear it to belive it its 17 minutes of acid rocks best its right up there with steppenwolf magic carpet ride on the cosmic scale it will make you see trippy colors with or without acid or weed
dude did you hear iron butterflys new song in a gadda da vida it bew my mind man its so farout

yeah i heard it it was outtasight and dynomite daddy-o
от Jazz Skywalker 25 юни 2008
In A Gadda Da Vida (drunk for "In the Garden of Eden") is an early heavy metal tune that became a classic solely through its sheer, mind-numbing length and incomprehensability. At the time, this was confused for mysticism.

The lyrics are but a few mere lines of sticky sweet romanticism, totally at odds with constipated metal vocals -- the latter of which were appropriate for the time and genre, the former of which would not be appropriate under any circumstances.

A baseline and accompanying rhythm guitar that was probably funky to white boys back in those days starts the tune. For added zip the organist helps the drummer out jazzcat style.

After singing the first repetition of the lyrics, which, it must be noted, are themselves repetitive, the lead singer improvises a little with a flourished "Please take my hand!" followed by a feeling-the-moment exclamation of "guitar!"

This is of course followed by an organ solo.

What evolves from there can only be described these days as a bad horror movie incidental score, punctuated by a one man drum circle and an interperative two-finger organ recital of "We Three Kings of Orient Are."

The song wraps up with a nearly identical iteration of the lyrics. This is an important feature of the song, because, although numerous parodies have spawned over the days, perhaps the funniest thing you can do with it is carefully dub a second copy seamlessly onto the end of the first, and then a third, and so on to the length of the longest recording media you can possibly find.

The end product has the effect of driving aged stoners (the only kind you can persuade to listen to it) stark raving mad. They cannot figure out whether the song is just dragging on like they remembered it from years ago, or whether they are just really, really baked. After about a half hour (which is well under twice the length of the original song) tension levels in the room will start to rise, and you can have fun placing bets on which of them will decide they have had enough first.
God, waiting to renew your drivers license is like listening to "Ina Gadda da Vida."
от skids 26 октомври 2005
A prolonged period of semi-consciousness, usually in public. From a slurred pronunciation of the song title "In the Garden of Eden" by a member of Iron Butterfly, a second-rate rock band often lumped with Vanilla Fudge, Deep Purple and Grand Funk Railroad. Celebrated by the unschooled as seminal in the early history of both heavy metal and jam-band rock, the 1968 17-minute jam was no more than a booze-and-drug-fueled goof session made while the sound board was in record mode.
Everybody on the cheerleader's bus is In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida and the game hasn't even started.
от Gisstur 07 декември 2009
any set of male genitalia that is unusual in form or appearance; often, "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" is short and square in shape or else long and noodle-like with great quantities of hair
Monica had to trim his In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida in order to service the president.
от PAWyatt 09 април 2008
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