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A Christian Scientist and the most intelligent scientist ever who denied Atheism and completely mocked and destroyed it.
Atheist: Atheism is true because intelligant ppl say so!

Christian: Issac Newton; the most intelligent Scientist ever said Atheism was senseless so according to your belief, that means Atheism is wrong and thus your own logic fails you since he and other scientists were Christians.

Atheist: Eh? Well...your mother! god dosnt exist!

Christian: Um..yes he does because The Bible has been proven to be correct. Archeologists have discovered towns mentioned in The Bible that Atheists said were fake, yet the Bible said they were true and sure enough they were real. Science or no science, Archeology rules over everything and it even proved that a man named Moses did escape from Egypt and that the parting of the sea of reeds did happen as did the plagues in Egypt due to a volcano and thus the whole book of Exodus was proven to be 100% correct.

от RationalTruth 02 юли 2010