Top Definition
"me parto la polla" in spanish, which is like "lmao"

it literally means to break your dick
*something funny*
от aserejé 08 ноември 2015
Acronimo para Me parto la polla y por lo tanto traducion directa de Lmao. Solo se usa online.
Paco: Tu tio que el Johnny se ha escoñado montando la moto y se ha roto el culo.
Evaristo: mplp!
от Sir.Cookiee 30 декември 2015
More Pets Less Politics
When faced with an overload of political rants on Facebook, I simply reply with MPLP and post a meme of a cute kitten or goofy dog.
от LunyticFringe 15 ноември 2012
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