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semen The caviar of a man. The fruit of the man's loom. special sauce The white stuff. etc..
It was probably the man-roe she was cupping with her tongue; he was definitely thinking it's going to be sushi for dinner tonight.
от AdamRK 04 декември 2008

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semen special sauce splooge ejaculate jiz jizz man roe skeet white sauce
semen Man eggs (aka manviar).
The waiter, after dealing with many complaints from his table, decided to add some man-roe to their clam chowder.
от AdRoK 09 ноември 2008
A monroe piercing on a dude. The manroe. Horrible choice.
Ew that dude has a manroe. The fuck is that all about?
от omgdoom 24 октомври 2009