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To be annoyed or fustrated with someone/ at something.

Or when someone is in an immature/petty mood, stress or strop.
I am in SUCH a MANG with him!!!
от coolio-dudios 25 март 2011
8 24
To have your asshole reamed so hard that it is loose. Or to get beaten really bad at something.
Dude I just got manged in CoD4!
от Young Feet 21 януари 2008
21 37
Greeting, pronoun
Sup, mang?
Shut up, mang!
от Hart 09 март 2004
20 36
mang is a clothing brand, The latest cutting-edge fashion clothing for women and men from Mang Clothing
mang clothing, mang streetwear
от mang agent 13 юни 2009
0 17
The Mexican way to say "man."
Fuckin' shit mang! I got a big fuckin' boner right now mang!
от Bob Bob 21 март 2004
24 41
A close friend.
A man.
A person with whom you are conversing.
A Cool Person.
A person with whom you would Stiz5
Dylan: Hey mang.
Hayden: Beer me mang.
Dylan: No problem mang.
Hayden: You crashed my car mang.
Dylan: I know i'll pay for it.
Hayden: When?
Dylan: When my eyebrow grows back mang.
от Stiz5 Master 01 февруари 2007
7 25
A throng of people. Also, often used to describe something messy.
There was a mang of people at the mall.

My hair is such a mang today.
от Chelsea Patey 28 декември 2007
5 24