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Can be either male or female; any of which who are open to having sex or down for whatever.
a dude trying to get a girls attention: "Yoo muma!"

A girl sees a dude on the street thats been trying to get with her "Eww that dudes a muma! no thanks!"
от sweetgrassnyc 22 април 2011
Muma (MOO-ma) - ladies, women, fly honey
coined a popular term by Vado and camron's song Hey muma
Guy: whats up muma?
Girl: sup daddy

dipset - "ayoo muma"
от killa4twen 28 март 2011
A word used by impressionable urban thugs to describe a female, girl, and hoe - derived from a Harlem rapper known as Vado's song "Hey Muma." Muma's can be found wearing apple bottom jeans & boots with the fur in your local beauty supply, Mc Donalds and welfare lines.
Thug: Yo muma, let me holla at you.
Muma: Hold up let me order a Mc Chicken first.
от stephcakes 17 май 2011
A chick that is DTF (down to fuck)
Yoo muma
от sweetgrassnyc 22 април 2011
tits. punjabi warld
whomens chest
от Kash 08 ноември 2003