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A Scandinavian name given to anyone who, for sure, will/is awesome. Nils is based on a Saint. Saint Nicholas. Who most of you know as Santa Claus. He brings presents to us every year so this is why we honor someone with the name Nils because he will be like Santa.
Mom: Wow. We should really name him Nils.

Dad: Why?

Mom: He just looks so Super Awesome.
от Huskyboy132 13 април 2009
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Slang term for zero, or nothing. Often used in sports.
"Woohoo! We're winning 20 to nil! Sweet!" - Person A
"What the frick is 'nil'?" - Person B
"WOOT!" - Person A
от Leolani 17 октомври 2004
scandenavian for blonde hair blue eyes and fuckin yolked(ripped, buff, ect). very good at sports of all kinds. in one word - fuckin amazing
Dude... when did nils get so buff. I dont know but hes fuckin awesome
от mcjagga 24 август 2010
Name of a guy that you will fall in love with. typically really tall and cute.
Miranda is totally in love with Nils its adorable.
от mh+nb=<3 28 май 2011
A Scandinavian name that is given to boys. A Nils is probably one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. In large groups a Nils will not stand out, but he makes a brilliant best friend. A Nils is nice, smart and will constantly make you laugh. When you need him, he will help you in any way he can.
-My best friend's name is Nils
-You're so lucky! I wish I had a Nils.
от ilikechocolate^^ 10 март 2012
The act of being high for longer than fourteen and a half hours and eating piles of spaghetti while repeating the Holy Mary with no pants on and getting sucked from a girl named "Head."
Oh my gosh! That Nils is still high from eating that weed browning and he thinks he is in Church.
от Ryan Smalls 27 март 2008
Nils is a Swedish (from sweden ), norwegian (from Norway ) or dutch (from netherlands / holland ) name, can also be written Niels.

A Nils is a kind guy, that you'll totally fall in love with with once. He's probably the cutest guy you'll ever meet. A Nils is often super romantic and knows how to treat and charm the ladies well. A Nils is often very attractive and his eyes will make your heart pump faster and harder than an earthquake. His deep voice will give you goosebumps and his kindness will make your heart melt. You will want to be his girlfriend or bestfriend with once you get to know him. At first he may seem a little shy and awkward , but after a while he will be the most open and truthfull person you will ever get to know. A Nils got a lot of talents, and will make any girl dawn. A Nils is a scandinavian or European boy with beautiful blue eyes, dark and thick well shaped eyebrows, and well styled hair. He cares alot about his appearance and knows how to dress properly, with shirts, nice shoes, and fancy jewerly. He's often very handsome and hot, you'll totally fall in love with him with once. A Nils is a typically cat person and have the most awkward but funniest hor ever. If theres anything you need from a Nils, a Nils will help you how hard he can, and he will be there for you till the end. A Nils is a guy you can trust and love no matter if he's right next to you, or far away. Ily Nils!<3
-Do you see that guy over there! He's so hot! Ain't he a model?

- Yes he is! That's Nils! He's so kind!

- aww he's so cute, his girlfriend must be the luckiest girl.

-i know right, he's the mist amazing guy you'll meet, he's one of my best friends, you should get to know him!

- I definitely will try to get his attention, ugh i wish Nils where my best friend too, he's so cute!
от Winkwonk 15 март 2015

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