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Someone in a constant bad mood.
O, you alright Noif
#noif #moody #lemon #pissed off #fonz
от MichaelKalugin9 22 март 2010
"Nerf" as pronounced in Brooklyn, NY
He hit me with a noif ball!
#nerf #brooklyn #ny #toys #dialect #pronunciation #slang
от stobbchi 18 юли 2011
to drink coke or any soda, without opening it's cap fully.

It stands for:
Not Opening It Fully

Many people who noif, tend to have long lasting drinks. And they are also considered "kool" by their peers.

Origin of it is not clearly known, however some noifers have said that it originated in inner-melbourne suburbs.
Dude 1: Whats that style of drinking called?

Dude 2: itz called noifing manz, only kool people do it.
от Jman23 26 април 2005
to drink without opening the lid of the can fully. which leaves a little gap.
Jaz: thats so kool manz.
от Ganod 26 април 2005
you a loser open your drink!!
dont noif it so fuckin gay
от David_is_Fat 28 април 2005
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